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Excellent module from UpSuite ERP for better sales intelligence.

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Save your valuable time and employ it efficicnetly with UpSuite ERP’s sales management software module for quick and quality services and response for happy customers and clients.

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UpSuite ERP the Answer to All Your Sales Concerns

UpSuite ERP sales management software module is powerful enough to establish your business domain and for attaining a crucial global competitive edge. It will help you to efficiently run your operations without incurring losses.

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UpSuite ERP Sales Intelligence Software - Structured, Hierarchical

Choose UpSuitERP sales management software module from Allianze Infosoft as we have the best expertise in implementing solutions that meet all your business requirements.


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UpSuite ERP Sales Management Software offers You High Visibility

With UpSuitERP sales management software, you get a central solution to manage all your related components and business operations. With this sales mapping software, you can efficiently create quotations, manage orders and contracts, access the customer portal, collaborate effectively with the marketing team, and gain accurate and in-depth reports for analysis.

Our sales lead management software will help you make crucial business decisions, quickly for enhanced forecasting, reducing time taken in the sales management process.

You can record contracts and accurately track all phases of invoicing for new or renewing opportunities.

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Interactive Integration

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Sales Potential - Redefined

Manage your product inventory, stock details, and more with high visibility by using our UpSuitERP sales management software module. Our software helps you improve employee and customer engagement with detailed and analytical report generation techniques.

UpSuite ERP for sales management ensures effective and timely processing of customer sales orders with its smooth, dynamics, and goal-driven approach.

Leads your organization with effective, streamlined, and highly advanced sales features.

Simplifies your business flow and adapt them in improving your sales efforts to specific needs.

Reduce Data Entry

With zero data entry rates, you can send quotes to customers in a few clicks. Sales orders and invoices can be directly converted from quotes and provide integration with the CRM module for sales pipeline, qualification, and closing management.

Easy Invoice Tracking

Tracking of quotations for customer orders can be easily done with each update of the same through the software as well as manage payment terms.

Streamline Communication

With proper alerts, activities can be scheduled easily with prompt follow-ups in just a click. Emails can be configured with automation features for effective communication with customers. Everything is easily customizable with the inbuilt templates or can be done by integrating new ones for targeting specific customers. Sales and purchase orders can be viewed at the same time on a single screen.

Customer Portal

The self-service customer portal will allow customers to access, view, get status updates, and track their quotes, sales orders, and delivery details in real-time.


The detailed report generation feature can track individual or overall sales statistics, other sales activities, performance data, or gain detailed analysis on orders and invoicing. You can also filter out sales data that you only need to analyze based on specific criteria.

Product Catalogue

You can add your products and their prices into the software based on multiple attributes, categories, variants, and more. This will allow to create quick quotations at the click of a button with multiple currency support, provide discounts, include logistics details, and its charges, and more.

Dashboard Analytics

Get accurate analytics on your all your sales proceedings from the sales dashboard based on specific timelines - monthly or yearly. Use it to project potential sales forecasts, opportunities, trend analysis and more.


Integrate other features or modules that complement your sales such as CRM, accounting, inventory, e-commerce websites, etc.

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