Manufacturing ERP

Proficient and exceptional process coordination and simplification. (With innovative features like powerful management dashboards, ) Easing manufacturing hassles with real-time updates that help modify and optimize operations with the best of cost-effectiveness. Keeping your enterprise on track with enhanced operational visibility that facilatates maximum efficiency.

Integrate our intelligent manufacturing ERP software to cultivate a smart environment for exponential business growth. Manage all manufacturing aspects such as BOM, manufacturing orders, routings and more.

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Modernized Manufacturing Efficiency

UpSuitERP for manufacturing offers quick operational scaling for using your resources to its fullest, make better organizational decisions, and save costs, with better productivity. UpSuite ERP is reasonably priced and is a robust manufacturing ERP software.

Single Solution Many Aspects and Comprehensive

UpSuite ERP’s manufacturing module is promising enough to reinvent and optimize all your processes, with enhanced effectiveness all–around. The real-time operational visibility promotes exceptional delivery, monitoring, quality control, and communication, for effortless automation.







Valuable Insights, Accurate Reports – Anytime and Always!

Eliminate unnecessary downtimes with real-time and powerful information access from a single point from within UpSuite ERP’s manufacturing management software.

Precision Planning

Full Integration


Engage with your customers, report for instant payment system

Better Process Optimization, Accurate Fulfilment Prp

Allianze Infosoft’s UpSuitERP for manufacturing covers comprehensive business functions of all scale at reasonable pricing. Our robust manufacturing ERP software can achieve businesses with a competitive edge with better real-time data access from a single centralized point.

Our manufacturing enterprise system can tone down your challenges to various levels thereby easing your management on the same by simplifying them.

UpSuite ERP being a manufacturing productivity software will transform your production process saving your costs and powering your future needs.

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Simplify Processes

Process Standardization

Improved Productivity

Better Cost-savings

Smart & Manufacturing – Now!

With UpSuite ERP for the manufacturing industry you will have increased profits, improved productivity, and better material tracking with the latest updates from all integrated processes, in real-time.

It strategically saves your time, money, and resources with its strong, and all-encompassing support features no matter what your processes are.

Features that give you enhanced business intelligence to speed up processes.

Better tracking, and analysis to make smarter decisions for more control, and performance

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Bill of Materials (BoM)

Our manufacturing enterprise software helps you create multi-level Bills of Materials like one BoM inside another. Proper routing or new routings of work orders are simplified with our MRP ERP systems for better production, utilization or for version changes.

Manufacturing order

Easy management of manufacturing orders, work orders, or repair orders can be made with our manufacturing ERP software. Assembly line items, even at the last stage or for manual gathering can be managed and provides better view on repairs.


UpSuitERP manufacturing management software provides clear overviews about workcentres along with its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) statistics in percentage. You can also filter or group them based on your specifics for even more easier insights.

Schedule and plan

With a simplified view on entire arrangements, you can efficiently schedule and plan your manufacturing with organized work orders details for better monitoring on stocks, production time, workcentre capacity and more.


Maintain proper records of the production operations or its phases for each manufacturing activity within UpSuitERP for manufacturing. Keep track of every assigned routing based on its specificity within minutes to make your process better.


Efficiently manage your various workcentres by recording or registering production details, operator instructions, operation details with prompt alerts. This helps you with fast quality checks, resolutions, scrap products, and more within the manufacturing productivity software.


Instantly tackle and manage with product imperfections/defects with the seamless option to call an unbuild within our manufacturing enterprise system. This way you can save and reuse your resources for later, eliminating product rejection which would otherwise cost a lot of money.

Scrap Order

Manage or create scraps at any production line in any of its phases. Instant scrap entry or the provision to enter and manage a new one can be made in your inventory with the help of our manufacturing enterprise software.


Evaluating the KPIs, you can schedule or automate requests on any sort of maintenance using the calendar in UpSuite ERP’s manufacturing module, to get provide in-depth statistics on the same.


Automate your quality checks for accurate statistics that eases the process to lessen your hassles with prompt and quality alerts.

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