Better business planning, information sharing, and decision-making for lawyers. Covers all internal functional aspects such as client management, lawyer management, matter management, evidence mapping, and more in a strategic way. Our legal management software can increase productivity and communications among colleagues.

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Nurturing greater transparency for core process strength with readily available information for every team member to access and enhance organizational effectiveness and cost control.

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Enhances Law Firm Efficiency

Information and processes become highly streamlined and quick enhancing individual and overall business efficiency. Management of the same can be done with limited staff as information becomes perfectly aligned.

Cultivates Self-Support Within Your Law Firm

A significant amount of time and effort is saved which can be invested into more core functional aspects and for the law firm’s management. Independent and remote working capabilities can be cultivated within UpSuite ERP’s law systems.

Client Management

Lawyer Management

Matter Management

Evidence Mapping

Broad Integration to other Modules

Financial systems, HR systems, operational systems, and other essential systems can all be operated from a single, centralized database. The data collaboration can be made uniform across all the systems regarding a matter’s start till its end.

Enhances Case Reports

Better Internal Communication

Accelerates Workflows

Market Expansion
Engage with your customers, report for instant payment system

Anything important concerning the core process can be capably tracked even things about the business economy, by any of the law firm members. Information about total billed hours, status of colleagues, payroll, and more are readily available enhancing team organization and cost control.

The progress and updates of basic activities like document preparation and paralegal work can be tracked accurately (when outsourced) in real-time through analytical and in-depth reports generation from any place at any time, by all employees.

Macro-level decisions can be made without any hassles by law firms for critical business turn points.

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Raises Competence

Enhanced Security


Reliable & Robust

Clear Defining of Law Firm Functions

Allianze Infosoft’s UpSuite ERP legal case management software module is one of the best and is offered to global law clientele at affordable prices to help them achieve quick efficiency levels.

Our legal practice management software help you resolve all the inefficiencies or issues of your firm for a successful and competitive portfolio.

We help you uplift your legal business expectations with our custom solutions.

Transforming every aspect of your law business in a unique and simplified manner.

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UpSuite ERP lawyer management system can create client requests easily within the system with the approval or the request granted by the admin. Client records get generated automatically upon the admin’s approval.

Matter Management

Lawyers can keep track of case matters, their trials, evidence, and more through UpSuite ERP law firm client management software. Also, the dates and related documents of matters can be managed easily with specified criteria. All matter and its related details can be viewed in one place at the click of a button and there is no need for individually opening them.

Customer and Lawyer Management

The detailed portfolio of customers as well as lawyers can be managed within UpSuite ERP’s legal practice management software module. Corresponding to each customer or lawyer, details of the matter, evidence, trial, invoices, and more can be accessed easily.

Invoice Management

Helps users in creating invoices for matters and trials based on fixed lawyer fees or quotations (per hour or case) in UpSuite ERP legal software module.

Analysis of Matters

The law practice management software allows users to see each matter represented in visual forms such as graphs, line charts, and pie charts or even in pivot analysis form.


Our legal management software will help users to print a matter PDF report that contains all the details of the matter, total evidence, and total trial.

Get hold of our enterprise-ready legal practice management ERP software today. All you have to do is mail us your requirements to [email protected].