Human resource management software for better collaboration, and integrations. All-encompassing solution that benefits, systematizes, and saves labour to strengthen and streamline HR functions, both employee-related and administrative.

UpSuite ERP HRM software’s unified database capabilities efficiently empower you to bridge the gap between you and your employees.

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Diversified Management Functionalities

Comprehensive personnel management software for seamless recruitment, employee management, project management, and more. Our HR software solutions with its incorporated features provides full-fledged and accurate analysis.

Helping You Cultivate Reliable Strategies

UpSuite ERP for human resource management software ensures you have maximum flexibility in managing the critical administrative and employee related tasks. It also ensures your routine HR processes are becomes effortlessly manageable with easy information access.


Employee Management

Attendance/Leave Management

Project Management

Gain a Competitive and Quality Business Edge

UpSuite ERP HRMS software’s functionalities enable smooth tracking, provides valuable insights, and makes strategies more data driven for greatly enhancing your workplace culture and environment.

Engage with your customers, report for instant payment system

Simplifying HR functions with All-Inclusive Tracking of Entire Activities

Allianze Infosoft’s UpSuite ERP HRM software provides you just that at competitive prices with the support from proficient developers. Our integration of progressive technologies in the same will ensure you get the best out of human resource management software for augmented organizational capabilities.

UpSuite ERP HR management software promotes better performance, growth and development, wellness, and major benefits to your organization in all aspects.

UpSuite ERP’s HRMS software module eases and augments your organization's routine HR functions.

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Optimizes Decision Making

Perfect & Human Resource Management

Implementing UpSuite ERP’s HR management software module helps you make better use of your employees for more valuable organizational time that adds great value to your businesses. As a result, you will have minimal organisational risks, and challenges.

The data-driven analysis based on performance indicators will provide strategic insights for your management to uplifting your company’s future.

We help you elevate your organizational systems, and processes to enhance the effectiveness of your organization and in cultivating better employer-employee relationship.

Well-organized, and quick visualizations that benefit your organization in the long run.

Reduces human intervention and makes all human resources-related activity, flawless.

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Employee attendance can be tracked from the system when employees check in and check out from their work hours, with details on their manager, reporting, and more.

Employee Management

Provides an important overall of employees of individual wings/department with options to restrict information visibility or make it accessible to all. This section alerts you of employee–related information working hours, assigned project, leaves, and more.

Job Positions

Get accurate, and recently updated details of every department’s strength of your organization from UpSuite ERP’s human resource management module. It depicts the number of job positions current strength, forecasted joining, recruitment status, and more.


Easily track and manage daily employee expenses of any kind from your dashboard by evaluating the accurate expenditure-related documents (receipts) submitted or uploaded in the UpSuite ERP human resources software.

Leave Management

The calendar of UpSuite ERP employee management software helps you with detailed leave management of all employee based on its types, summaries, and more for in-depth validation.

Project Management

A simple and easy view of assigning projects to employees can be done using drag and rop methods and can be used to keep tabs on its progress, deadlines and overall views.


Boost your employee morale and engage them more by designing and defining various organizational, and project-based challenges, objectives or goals. Showcase top performers and reward them for their achievements.


Effectively organize and track your recruitment details, and its progress from the simple-to-use dashboard based on various vacancies, job listings or applications. Databases on applicants can be made based on their skillset to be analysed for shortlisting or onboarding.

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