End-to-end fleet management solution for smooth fleet operations Innovative features, and powerful management dashboards will help you efficiently manage every operation of your fleet business. Everything made easy for you to stay focused with specialized recording, tracking, and analysis.

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Our fleet management software proactively streamlines with precise fleet details, overviews, and statuses for you to keep tabs on everything.

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Robust Fleet Management

Manage and monitor your fleets in real-time with accurate and updated details and get rid of related cost-constraints and any sort of issues without much trouble.

Fleet Management is Now a BreezeReceivables Increase accountability

We make everything simple to you with our Fleet management ERP’s user-friendly and smart interface that offer the best of tracking for your institutional fleets. You can keep precise tabs on everything important going on with your fleet at the click of a button.

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The Way You Need it - Under One Roof

Allianze Infosoft’s UpSuitERP fleet management solution delivers a strategically centralized approach in fleet monitoring for enhancing, simplifying, and offering better operational control for your enterprise. UpSuitERP is an innovatively developed fleet maintenance software that can automate a wide range of fleet tasks. We can even help you integrate custom operations into our commercial fleet management solutions to gain more productive business time and substantial cost savings.

Smart Tracking

Improved Alerts

Helpful Insights

Enhanced Supervision
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Fleet Management Platform that Delivers major Organizational Perks

You don’t have to worry anymore about any of your fleet-related concerns as everything can be availed instantly from our Fleet management ERP. You can evaluate individual vehicles among entire fleet and optimize them to boost your operations.

Implementing UpSuite ERP’s potential fleet management system is ideal in keeping tabs on everything to benefit your company in the long run.

We help you enrich your operations to make it more intelligible and ahead of the competition.

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Easy Monitoring

Quality Analysis

Better Reporting

Cost Control

Fleet Management for Anything and Everything

Our fleet management ERP helps you analyse your routine operations for in-depth insights to optimizing them for substantial business gains, commercial compliance to enhance customer service quality and satisfaction through guaranteed delivery times to promote customer loyalty and retention.

UpsuiteERP fleet management solutions will augment all of your business aspects and expedites fleet processes with quick resolutions.

Improving fleet well-being to fortify core business for expansion.

Make informed decisions that tailor your operations more progressive.

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Detailed Vehicle Information

Get important details of each vehicle such as its registration number, chassis number, color, brand and model spec, and more for easy vehicle identification from the entire fleet systematically with our fleet service management software.

Cost Analysis

Instantly gain precise details of all the associated or spent costs for each vehicle in your fleet with UpSuitERP fleet management software to reduce your overhead costs and gain substantial cost-savings.

Fuel Logs

Get all details about fuel, odometer value, price per litre, and more easily from within our intelligent fleet tracking system or on any of your specified criteria. This will help you manage your money better to reduce unwanted spends.

Service Management

Routine details on vehicle metrics will help figure out or forecast requirements for vehicle maintenance, services, or repairs at the right time while using our fleet vehicle tracking module.

Vehicle Contracts

With UpSuitERP vehicle fleet management software, you can easily get crucial details on contracts by specifying their start and expiry dates, activation and recurring costs, and their current status.

Vehicle Management

With our fleet management ERP solution, you can view order or purchase statuses on new vehicles as per their assigned contracts. It will also let you know if any vehicles are registered, downgraded, reserved, etc.

Vehicle Odometer

Using this feature in our truck management software lets you know precise details on vehicle details, mileage covered, its assigned driver/company and more. Our truck maintenance software will help you with better business efficiency as well.

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