Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Software for Improved Business Relationships, Potential, and Opportunities

We, Allianze Infosoft, being a specialist CRM software company will help eliminate all your challenges and in lowering your expenses with our UpSuite ERP CRM software packages.

Equip yourself with digital capabilities of a Cloud or web-based CRM software for smooth market competence.

Capable business management and client relationship software for diverse automated operations building potential business relationships.

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Accurate and Organized Customer Data

Highly organized, easily accessible and search-friendly within the UpSuite ERP salesforce software. It enables quick follow-ups and sale procedures for potential leads.

Enhanced Efficiency and Internal Collaboration

With the CRM software, all departments of the company can work in collaboration. This highly benefits the efficiency factor for fetching clients or leads specifics as information access is instant to all teams.





Accurate Trend Forecasting and In-depth Reporting

Customer data from the past and present will provide accurate forecasts on future trends to marketing and sales teams in real-time. Monitoring, quotes tracking, and pipeline management will become easier with in-depth reporting.

Accurate Data

Business Insights

Better Analysis

Improved Revenue
Engage with your customers, report for instant payment system

Better Customer Acquisition, Conversion, Opportunities, and Sales.

Allianze Infosoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) software tweaks the lifeline of your company paving way to excellent client communication and conversion opportunities. Our highly efficient and advanced CRM software provides efficient business interaction of all sorts.

UpSuite ERP’s CRM module gives you a beneficial competitive advantage for easy management of interactions with potential business relationships and customers.

We help you to flawlessly stay connected to your customers, streamline processes, and to improve profitability.

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Plan and Organize Activities

Convert Leads into Opportunities

Track Sales Activities

Growth and Development

Quick and Easy & UpSuite ERP

Our CRM module is one of the best out there that can strengthen your business relationships with clients and customers. It easily promotes remarkable internal collaboration between all your organizational teams or wings with accurate and up-to-date information.

All crucial business aspects will be improved with better tracking, customer acquisition and retention, and gaining of new opportunities.

Quick and easy access from a simple, personalized dashboard

Enhances business analysis through accurate information and insights.

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Lead Management

Track and manage leads generated from various sources. UpSuite ERP client relationship management software can help assign specific sales reps to follow up on the leads.

Client Management

Our customer relationship software help maintain all information on prospects, customers or clients, and record their past/present interactions with the company from our CRM software.

Manage Meetings

UpSuite ERP client relationship management software can help you schedule quick meetings at the click of a button with the integrated Calendar feature.


A business management feature of UpSuite ERP software help sales teams to track and manage the potential business opportunities that are converted, in various stages through the organizational pipeline. By viewing the same, teams can schedule meetings or calls as per opportunities.

Dashboard and Reports

With the intuitive dashboard of our customer relationship software, you can generate accurate reports for enhanced business analyses going on with your business opportunities. Several pipeline filtering, and grouping methods will make it even more easy.

Manage Sales

End-to-end tracking of the whole sales process or pipeline from qualification to closing is easily available from UpSuite ERP’s CRM module. This is right from leads getting converted to opportunities and its transition into quotes and then to sales orders and invoices.

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